Welcome to the Hall of Magnificent Bastards

Hello, I'm the Ghost of Rutherford Hayes. As both curator and Chairman of the Board for the Hall of Magnificent Bastards, I'd like to welcome you to our interwebs site.

Ghost of Rutherford HayesWe're an organization that's committed to recognizing the talented movie, tv, lyrical, and literary characters that have traditionally flown beneath the radar of the collective mainstream. You won't find the Luke Skywalkers or the Buck Rogers or the Marty McFlys of the world in our hallowed halls. Instead you'll find the Jek Porkins, the Carbonite Han Solos, the Hawks and the Doc Browns. All integral pieces to their respective stories and all fantastically underrated in our global, cultural landscape. At the Hall, our mission is to spread the gospels of these characters. Or, if you will, to simply give them their due.

I've said too much. Please take some time and explore our institution. You won't regret it and, frankly, you owe it to yourself.

Warmest Regards,

The Ghost of Rutherford Hayes

*NEW* Recent Inductees

Austin Millbarge and Emmett Fitz-Hume from the movie Spies Like Us - You may remember Austin Millbarge and Emmett Fitz-Hume as the two GLG20s that saved the world from nuclear war in the movie Spies Like Us. They're both enshrined in the Ace Tomato Co. sponsored wing of the Hall.

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Inductees into the Hall of Magnificent Bastards

Bodhi and Johnny Utah from the movie Point Break - Johnny Utah was the cocksure former The Ohio State University quarterback turned F-B-I Agent responsible for taking down Bodhi and the rest of the Dead Presidents, one of the most successful bank robbery outfits in U.S. history. Bodhi's in the Hall, too. Mainly 'cause he sported the Reagan mask. We never much cared for LBJ.

Carbonite Han Solo from the movies, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - Carbonite Han Solo from Star Wars never said anything, but the expression on his face did plenty of talking. It was a long, cold winter for him in the warm, warm desert of Tatooine.

Dean Wormer from the movie Animal House - They delivered cadavers to the Alumni Dinner, slept with his wife, and killed his horse, but Delta couldn't crush the soul of this benevolent educator with a fondness for double secret probation.

Doc Brown from the Back to the Future Trilogy - Anyone who can discover time travel under the threat of bodily harm from Libyan terrorists is okay in our book.

Duffy Moon from the Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon ABC Afterschool Special

How to do the Duffy Moon:
01 - Think Big
02 - Say "You can do it, Duffy Moon!"
03 - Puff out your cheeks
04 - Talk like a robot. (Optional)

Elwood Blues from The Blues Brothers - He eats only toast, worked in an Easy Cheese factory, and is on a mission from God. What more needs to be said.

Gelatinous Cubes from Dungeons and Dragons - Gelatinous Cubes are Godless Killing Machines. Be afraid, be very afraid. Especially if your house/apartment is fitted with 10'x10' corridors or walkways. Or if you've angered some high level mage. Or angered that morbidly obese guy at the comic book shop who claims that he lost his virginity to a girl at a Canadian summer camp in the 7th grade, but can't prove it because she lives "out of state."

Hawk from the Buck Rogers TV Show - Remember how badass this guy's space ship was? It had talons and everything.

Jek Porkins from the movie Star Wars - What accolades best suit Jek Porkins from Star Wars? Hero? Lover? Beautifully sloven?

Nate and Hayes from the movie Nate and Hayes - Ziplines and Pit traps. Are you listening Hollywood?

Tek Jansen from the Colbert Report - Arch-nemesis to Thurmond Chang and the Brazilian. Still finds time to have hundreds and hundreds of girlfriends.

Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Animated Christmas Special - Peppermint prospector and friend to reindeer and misfit toys everywhere.

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